Music Speed Changer


Rise or lower the speed of your audios



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Music Speed Changer is an app that lets you change the tone and speed of a song. You can rise or lower more than twenty different tones and semitones. You can also change the audio speed between 10% and 500% of the original speed.

Music Speed Changer lets you open practically any audio format, including the most popular ones such as MP3, FLAC and WAV. Once you’re done editing a file, you can save the changes you’ve made and export it to an MP3 format in order to easily play it in any other app or smartphone.

Music Speed Changer is a super powerful audio editing tool that lets you easily alter the tone and speed of a song. As an added bonus, the app’s interface is simple and elegant which will help you master all the features in no time.

Android 4.1 or greater is required

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